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My name is Jordan and this is my on-line graphic design portfolio. To tell you a little about me, I am a newly-wed man to the love of my life, and stunning lady you see with me in the picture to the left. I seriously couldn't be happier to finally be a husband. Although graphic design is my full-time job, my creativity likes to go beyond the computer at times. I love to play any instrument I can get my hands on as well as write songs with my wife, who is an incredible pianist and singer if I may add. I am originally a born and raised Jersey boy, but I have contently made my home Nashville, TN and I plan to reside here for a while with my amazing bride. (Seems like a good place for this creative couple, right?)

Anyways, I will admit I do not have a college degree for my profession, but at the same time I like to think of myself as a natural at what I do. I have always loved the idea of doing graphic design ever since my high school days, and after I graduated I immediately jumped into college to become a residential and commercial architect, but after about 2 years I felt called out of school for a season to pursue ministry and missionary work in Nashville, which ended up being a longer season than expected. Little did I know that choice would lead me to an internship where I would start learning graphic design and eventually make it my career. Since my new journey started I have had the privilege of working along side some really great people, businesses, and organizations all over the world and today I am blessed to have this business to call my own and to have a service to offer you that truly wants to serve you.

Thanks again for exploring my portfolio and please don't be shy to send me a message with any questions you may have or if you simply desire a quote.

If you have my business card, seen any EOTR advertisements, or been to any of my social media pages you may have noticed the word "redemption" popping out at you. Well the reason being for that is because this word is really important to me and it basically sums up the whole reason I do graphic design. Now your probably wondering; "Why didn't you just name your business 'Redemption Graphics' or something like that." Good question... Let me start with the definition of the word redemption.

Re - demp - tion: /riˈdempSHən/ n. - "The action of removing error, then regaining possession.

So if we break this definition down basically in two words redemption means to "Buy Back", and so think about this: when we go out and purchase something, anything at all, our first action is certainly not to pull out a HUGE wad of cash containing our whole life savings right? All we need is either exact change if we have it, or a little more to get our change. Now going back to the question of why my business name is not "Redemption Graphics"... Well the reason for that is simply because I like to think of it as the motive or the root of this whole company and I don't feel its necessary to blatantly put it out there and pull out everything I got. (like the cash analogy)

So to conclude my reasoning -  with Eye Of The River Media Design, I like to think of it as my stand to show that I really have a passion to see the media become cleansed from all the public profanity and all the freely available inappropriate entertainment it currently has to offer. And with my service I hope that this passion for redemption will catch on and together we can one day see the media return to its original state and what it was intended for.



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